Index – Domestic – The bus driver for the watering baby girl was beaten

The driver, as described in the business rules, did not do this with the required courtesy. That is why the employer is reprimanded,

– said Miskolc City Transport Zrt. In his statement, and apologized to the affected family for impeccable behavior of the driver. The article is quoted in article 24.


However, the article did not solve the contradiction in the announcement: another quote quoted in all company flights

the protection of passengers and the cleanliness of their clothing is strictly forbidden for food and drink, except for resealable PET bottles, with the exception of alcoholic beverages.

As we said, the 5-year-old girl took a sip of mineral water from a resealable PET bottle. According to the video uploaded to Facebook and the videomaker, the driver stopped the engine of the bus that was about to start and called the police. The bus did not start until the police arrived, after the family had left.

The video also sounds when a passenger notes that it is written separately that drinking water is in the bus. According to the videomaker, many of the passengers in the bus were defending the family and did not understand why the driver wanted to be delivered to them. Her parents first talked to the driver in a normal tone and only later did they raise their voices.

In our previous article, Róbert Szórad, the Plant Management and Service Director of the company, said that they were accused of not allowing water to be consumed on the tram, but this is not true because they can drink from a resealable PET bottle.

Of course it is different when someone breaks it up with a soft drink in a box, because you can stop the other passenger in your neck, or you can spill on the seat and leave the floor on the floor. If someone enters this, the claim for compensation comes to us because we do not know who caused the problems. We have some of these problems …

He said.

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