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He was accused by the district of Gyula and the investigating judge's office of a 43-year-old and an 18-year-old Geszti man who illegally killed 62 carps in June, killed 38 pounds of wheat, and then bombed out of one car by one of the suspects was drunk – From the press service of the parquet of Békés.

The series of surreal events began to unfold in the afternoon of June 9, when the two men were Begécsi Water Reservoir II in Biharugra. from a lake with a seagull network – of course without permission – and as a result of the fun afternoon activity, a total of 62 carp were caught.

In addition to the prey of 53,220 forints, 38 kilos of wheat were packed in a bag when they were already there – with a value of 2 510 forint – and then backed up to Geszt. Policemen checked them immediately and found the hard-earned spoils, and they liked that too

the suspect was drunk with the car that had been used for the offense, or with the car.

There was still a twist in the story, because the police had sent the injured party back to the unauthorized fish, but which in the meantime was destroyed and could no longer sell, so the owner could have enjoyed it for the most sentimental value .

The older man had been punished three times for piercing and the youngster had been stolen in court for theft. The Prosecution accuses the perpetrators of being stolen by luring and stealing less value, and the accused also accuses drunken driving. The prison was to be carried out against the execution of the prison, but also against the public and on the road, and the suspended prison against the second accused.

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