Index – Domestic – Two electricians and the disappearance of the neighbors may have a connection with the man in Gyor

The wife of the man who had disappeared this spring in a mysterious way this spring, and the wife of a supposed humanity of missing murder, told RTL Focus. The 52-year-old Zoltan Mácsik disappeared on 31 March after meeting S. To I. Construction company in Győr, who promised to pay his debt, pays the compensation for his work.

After the disappearance, the family members went to the police station and identified the man with whom he had last been contacted on the camera that was installed at an abdominal gas station. E. I was in pre-trial detention, suspected of murder. Later it turned out that three years earlier he had had a settlement dispute with another electrician, and that man had also disappeared and even that man had previously been involved in a dispute with his landlord because his neighbor did not want to sell his land.

The woman also disappeared, the plot and in one way or another É. I. Property.

In the program of RTL Focus, the wife of the missing electrician said that if they could not reach the Hungarian or the Austrian, "my daughter had a bad feeling at the time, something wrong with her father."

He spoke in Focus. His wife also said that he knew the electrician he had disappeared three years ago. He also knew that he had disappeared: "Well, even then the police suspected my husband of his disappearance."

The police have united the two cases in the past, according to RTL the suspect has made several accusations, but denied that he would have killed Zoltan Mácsik, although the personal objects of Zoltán Micky were found.

His lawyer, Ottó Bagó, said his client was so scared that he was in shock that night and did not know what he was doing. That is why he tried to keep the personal belongings and the vehicle behind him.

According to the lawyer, the defendant failed in the polygraph investigation when he was asked how he was doing the victim. Traces of ammunition were also found on the man's hands.

The man has a property in Ikrön and his land neighbor is lost. "The man wanted the garden of the woman, but he did not give it to him, and then the land was in some way in the hands of the man." The neighbors said she had lived in her car for a week and that she was missing in a mysterious way, "he said in Focus.

According to the lawyer, however, there are many missing people in Hungary and do not think that a missing person is related to his client.

E. According to I. wife, her husband would not hurt the fly, he was a very good man. Trust the innocence of her husband. The further pre-trial detention of the man is scheduled in October.

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