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The application with the name Árminimum promises that if you click on an ad on a site in a suburban or real estate, it automatically displays all advertisements on the same rental property on the same lease page. In addition, they sort them in a price order so that the search engine can call the cheapest bidder.

" is not a search page, but an application installed in the browser (Chrome, Firefox) on a real estate ad site," says Péter Faragó, director of Realmonitor Ltd., the developer of the applications. If you click on one of these ads, the system immediately finds all the other ad links on the web for that property and collects, collates, sorts and displays the images and descriptions in a group. In addition, he searches and shows other real estate ads that are similar to the property you are looking for.

Development focuses on the existing problem of finding more difficult and difficult rent in Budapest and university cities. House seekers (often university students) usually only have a chance to go to an apartment when they immediately (and often unnoticed) say yes to the price in the advertisement.

However, an apartment can be placed on multiple advertising sites and at different prices, advertisers (who often own real estate) obviously benefit from the advertising possibilities of the different surfaces, increase the ad for extra money, so that the advertiser is the first to find the rental company, to take the apartment with you and bounce it quickly without negotiating. You do not know, you do not have time to check if the same apartment is cheaper on the same side than you can, or even from the owner himself.

According to the data from Árminimum, 23 percent of the rental properties are advertised by various agencies (including the owner), and the difference between the highest and the lowest announced rent is on average 37 thousand forints / month.

In fact, 45-50 thousand sub-ads on a particular day in Hungary are only about. It covers 15-17 thousand rentals.

That the problem exists, we show some examples. The monthly rent of an apartment of 40 m² in the fifth district can be 291 thousand and 221 thousand forints, depending on which direction we look. The same 1 + 1 room in Kecskemét can be 200,000 and 250,000 HUF per month; and for a 50 square meter Szeged we can find 110 thousand and 140 thousand HUF prices.

The Price Minima apps are free for users, their development in the second wave and comparison for the sale of real estate is now available for a year. You can download it via Á as a Chrome and Firefox extension. The application collects the bids from the nine main bid pages & # 39; s.

Realmonitor Kft. Also manages home-based home help for mothers at home and forensic seekers, the Index says, for the time being, is being funded from their income. They are offered immobilization services to property owners for a monthly fee, but their income is insignificant.

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