Index – Economy – Hungarian farmers: the apple is bought for a low price due to mad profit

István Jakab, chairman of the Hungarian Association of Hungarian Farmers and Cooperatives (Magosz), says that only "crazy profit" justifies the unreasonably low purchase price of his liver.

István Jakab spoke Saturday night about the fact that there are also tools in the hands of farmers, in addition to demonstration. As he said, he could examine the relationship between the three processors, because he thinks it is cartel-like, and can also view contracts with farmers, but it is also inconceivable that by combining farmers a processing company could be set up that would work in case of market disruptions

<img id = "kep_szerkfoto_image_20770976" src = "" alt = "19659004] The chairman draws attention to the fact that the parties have again negotiated on Wednesday, that the farmers have not delivered apples to the processing plant

The price of 13 forint per kilo offered by the buyer – which according to him the costs of harvesting and not covers – according to Magosz, it is far below the prices applied in other countries in the region.In Poland the price of buying a lute is about 25 forint, while in Germany and Austria I still surpass this level with Jakab.

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