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The authorities overwhelmed Hunpun's waste processing area when people in the area learned that dense, oily black caught up with the battery from outside and nearby corn on Tuesday morning. An eyewitness on Facebook wrote that

During the loading of the Hunviron plant in the south, the oily juice began to break through. At the foot of the retaining wall there was an oil spill, the trees began to become extinct. Some of the neighboring maize countries are under oil.

Richárd Horváth, mayor of Hatvan, we talked on the phone when he barked in rubber boots for the terrain on the spot. "It is very smelly, I am usually reminded of gas oil," he told the Index.

It also seems to be a big problem

Tuesday morning came the site for the territorial disaster protection, the water board, the environmental authority of Eger

and also the staff of the local government of Hatvan, head of the mayor. "In the old part of the old quarter the new Hatvan is almost completely hit by the horrible stench that has been going on for months, but the problem is that the local government has no legal possibilities and that all complaints and announcements are addressed to the environmental authority. have ordered a fungal measurement that can precisely identify what this smell is and where it comes from, the result will arrive soon, we will present it to our residents on our housing forum on September 12, "says Richard Horváth at the Index.

The mayor also spoke with state secretaries to advocate the abolition of the stench and even visited a public prosecutor where he was told that if it had been proven that thousands of people suffered from the blubber, the persecution could also act. That is why the municipality of Hatvan intends to collect signatures.

As we have previously written in several articles, there is an unbearable stench in the areas of Lőrinci, Hered and Hatvan-Nagygombos at Hatvan. & # 39; A stingy hospital air, but it is not possible to survive. & # 39; Burnt elastic, delicate terror. & # 39; "A mix of blackberry and tar." These markings describe the smell of residents. The dozens of people we spoke at the beginning of June all felt that the nearby waste company came from the Hunviron buildings, but the manager of the company called it an unfounded accusation.

At the end of June the Agriculture Minister said that in Parliament itself

"the regional environmental authority has investigated the complaints and found that the reported complaints are probably caused by the odor pollution of the Lőrinci waste management and recycling plant of Hunviron Energy and Environmental Management Ltd."

This is the site that the residents have identified as the epicenter of the stench and denied the accusations in a statement.

Book cover: Hatvani Hírlap / Albert Péter

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