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The Hungarian kayak-ladies of 500 and 500 meters of men and women also started their self-confidence in the Kayak Canoe World Cup in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, so they can prepare for the finals of Sunday, according to MTI.

The men jumped for the second time with Sándor Tótka, Miklós Dudás, Péter Molnár and István Kuli, but after the second half they returned and were able to finish the race for the second time. The Anna Kárász, Danuta Kozák, Erika Medveczky and Bodonyi Dóra also won a lot, so they could miss the middle race and prepare for the finals of Sunday.

Jonathan Hajdu, the Kenyan duo Fekete Ádám also fired half a kilometer, and although they were only the second, this was a decisive one. Dora Lucz was the second in the kayak championships behind Lisa Carrington behind the defending champion and Olympic champion of New Zealand, and Balázs Birkás won the race, but they will continue in the middle race on Sunday morning, as well as on the first course of the fourth canoe Dávid Korisánszky and Szeged eg newcomer kenus duo, Bianka Nagy and Molnár Csenge, who make their debut with sixth place.

Last Saturday, Virág Balla, Kincső Takács Keno duo stepped into the Hungarians' water and won the new Olympic medal, the 500m pair of the second midfielder, so they could fight for the medal on the last day of the World Cup.

On Saturday, however, three Hungarian gold medals were collected, while Kozák Danuta and the discord were on the first stage of the stage.

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