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Hungaricum is also more common in the rest of the world, thousands of puma are registered in the Scandinavian countries, and 2500-3000 persons live in Hungary – József Árkosi, president of the Hungarian Pumi club, told MTI, adding that the international meeting The goal is to promote a Hungarian shepherd dog with a lively temperament, with a happy appearance, coming from England, Sweden, Czech Republic and Austria.

He explained that the popularity of his variety is largely due to his versatility and adaptability, he loves all kinds of active activities, intelligent, peppy temperament, athletic, recklessly brave goods – József Árkosi characterized the breed and added that the adaptability of the pumi is not only proven by fermentation, has become a favorite companion for a man who lives in a metropolitan environment: if his master cares for his need to move, he feels good in the smallest apartment.

He remembered that the race was in the 17-18th century. In the 18th century the breeding dogs in the area and the crossing of the German and French eagle with the terrier-like crossbreed and the accompanying ewe were introduced in Hungary. As she said, many shepherd dogs in Hungary made a "mass": the pumi, puli, mudi did not have a separate name, they were the dogs that had been captured as dogs, but only since the beginning of the 20th century.

The Hungarian shepherd dog, the clown of dogs, can handle several hundred animals and herds independently. Accordingly, the first day of the international meeting will be held in a defensive competition. In addition to presentations and seminars on the status of the breed, the event will be accompanied by a club exhibition, a breeding club and an agility tournament – the program was presented by the president of the Hungarian Pumi club.

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