It is still the weekend that the LMP fraction can lead

It is still the weekend that the LMP fraction can lead

Even the week, the LMP faction will decide who will lead the group after Wind Bernadett stepped down from his position as co-chairman and party leader in the party. Bernadett Wind could introduce Mártya Demeter as a potential successor. According to the LMP spokesperson, the conference will be able to rehabilitate members, including Wind Bernadett, who have been bribed by the ethics committee.

The reason for his resignation was pronounced in the Straight Speech by Bernadette Wind. He argues that the party's summer decisions in the ethics committee are unacceptable because it condemns members of the opposition and leaders, including three years of being banned from participating in a party.

Sorry for the party spokesperson for the LMP. He also said that it is possible that the party will rehabilitate its dissatisfied politicians, including Wind Bernadett.

"I see that legal possibilities may be possible in that direction, but Congress will decide how it will be installed, I do not know," Kanás-Nagy Máté said.

Bernadett Ward in turn asked for his farewell letter to members of the LMP: "I am rehabilitating my well-meaning colleagues who have been punished in the campaign and are restoring their reputation and judgment". In addition, he says: "I do not want to work in a system where responsibility is punished and reward responsibility".

"Martha was very prepared and soon showed the world that she was a fearless politician," said Bernadett Ward, a possible successor, but the spokesperson for the party says that female politicians have so far been able to speak about the party presidency.

According to the analyst, he lost the LMP face and the publisher of the politician at Wind Bernadett. It is not easy for the two suspects to succeed.

"Erzsébet Schmuck is being punished and Marteta Demeter was hardly included in the LMP," Balázs Böcskei told us. According to the IDEA Institute's political analyst, the embedding of Demeter is not so great that he is the leader of a party that, in many ways, is organized against the political past of Márta Demeter. The analyst added that Demeter came from the world that was rejected by a large part of LMP membership.

Co-chairman of LMP told that he would not take any exit after he resigned the LMP Wind Bernadett.

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