It only takes half a day and there are temperatures up to 17 degrees.

On Sunday it is very cloudy or cloudy, and late in the afternoon at the western border there may be less clouds. Cloudy rain showers in the eastern part of the country are sometimes thunderstorms.

On Monday the clouds fall from the west, more days in the Transdanubia, but in the eastern afternoon the sun shines for a few hours. On Monday, during the day, we can mainly expect rain and rain in the Tisza region. The wind in the north and northwest strengthens on Sunday, and in the vicinity of Transdanubia or thunderstorms it becomes stormy. On Monday, the airflow will moderate, but the north wind will be lively.

The lowest night temperature is between 10 and 16 degrees, but at the western limit it is 8, 9 degrees. The highest daily temperature on Monday is usually between 22 and 25 degrees. (MTI)


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