It was already a success of the plan: the foundation stone of the Debrecen International School was laid

  • One of the most important developments of the New Phoenix Project and the Modern Cities program, the foundation stone of the already established Debrecen International School, was placed in a ceremonial setting in Pallag on Friday. The International School of Debrecen (ISD), a unique green environment, is the only such institution in the country because, although several cities have demanded it, only Debrecen is involved in the project – said Lajos Kósa, a parliamentary representative at the event.
  • Mayor László Papp called it a historic moment and compared the significance of the 1538 debrecen events. A school was even established today and now it is also an institution with competitive knowledge at world level.
  • Gergely Gulyás, the prime minister's minister, emphasized that Debrecen is building a future in education and that this is how to become a regional center that, regardless of borders, is worth a visit.

– The city's faith has strong, serious plans to shape the future, said Minister of Defense Gergely Gulyás at the International School of Debrecen (ISD), based in Pallag.

Language knowledge is essential

Debrecen first recognized the importance of the cities at provincial level that foreigners who live and work here want to bring their children to school – he added that Debrecen students of course also have the opportunity to learn one or more foreign languages ​​through the institution.

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– When we became a member of the European Union, we also took a competitive position, which means that everyone is free to decide where he is studying and working. Therefore, the political debate on emigration can not be interpreted because there is a common market and educational area.

Whatever the strategy, it's good if we sometimes look at the results, "Winston Churchill said.When we think about where Debrecen has moved since 1998, we see that the city center has been completely renovated, the education system has been renewed and the largest economic development program will also be realized here for the coming years.

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– About 500 years of history in Debrecen becomes an economic and spiritual center. In 1538 he started with the formation of a school. It was the establishment of the reformed college. It was a historic moment when the magistrate and church leaders of the city made the decision and began to realize it. Today, 480 years later, the same ambition leads us to Debrecen: the city should be the economic and spiritual center of the region. We must do the same as our predecessors, such as in planning the future, to found a school, "said László Papp, mayor in his festive speech.

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It has been shown that the international desktop program has been successful in the design table, which is unique in appearance and spirit, and the decision to implement it is of urban importance. It was an important promoter of business success: when a foreign investor negotiated with the city government, it was a point to strengthen the city's negotiating position.

Feel self-confident

In September 2019 ISD opens the door to about 500 students, who provide access to education from kindergarten to adulthood in an institution. There were a few parents on Friday and János Öreg, director, said a greeting.

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It was the trust that prevailed around it and the self-confidence, of which existence or absence has a fundamental impact on the success of the individual. In Eastern Europe there is a need to strengthen self-confidence, he said.


The vision plan of the Debrecen International School

Debrecen – The committee has decided: the winning bid for the International School of Debrecen has been awarded.
Péter Bordás and the architect of his studio have won the tender for the design of the international school in Debrecen, László Papp, the mayor of Debrecen, which was announced on Wednesday. According to him …

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