jabb turn the serial killer killer

a jabb turn in the sequel to the killer: it can be forgotten that the dnt was bizanty all the time, "says Blikk.

Krisztina Gyurik suspected of murdering R. Szilvesztern was currently arrested by a policeman and a mobile phone and three SIM cards. This may be important because Krisztina's phone does not miss the detective on the spot and forgets that he is taking the killer. With one of the friends, one of the cell phones they used to carry on the fridge, the cruel Christians.

Krisztina Gyurik presented a photo of a killerFot: Polyk Attila – Origo

I can say that when I go to bed, I get a phone call. Mg did not tell him if this was the case. Lichy Jzsef, New Year's Eve, grew into the board.

Blikk knows that at the moment in the rabkhz lv. Frfit mg did not kill the killer's place.

In September 2013 Krisztina Gyurik started to run, but home did not come, but after a long time only the body was found. The woman will be bothered. His slayer was now found because he was aware of the fact that he was in a state.

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