Karafiath: Orban is already killing his own people

The slightest deflection has no place.

There is a new period for which new people are needed in whole or in part.

Miklós Kásler is always refreshing, so I read it again. I read that it will be old from the new people, for example there may be changes in the Petőfi Literary Museum. The slander had started weeks ago, how could we have imagined that there would be no consequences?

This regime is consistent if you just want it.

And what was the crime of Gergely Pröhle at the head of the Petőfi Literary Museum? He took the & # 39; two thirds in culture & # 39; poetry not serious, which now & # 39; three thirds in culture & # 39; has that is, everything, even the smallest discount, is dangerous.

It is dangerous on the road where the new culture is being built. More people are needed. The new ones are newer, as long as only one voice is audible.

Brussels, 31 March 2015
The bust of the European Parliament's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms Antall J-zsef nŽhai, was replaced by Mr Gergely Pršhle, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Human Resources, at the Žpölet of the European Parliament Gov. ‡ Open Source? nevět vises? in March 2015 31 March-January. (MTI / Eurparliamentary Parliament / Alexis Haulot)
Pröhle Gergely

Photo by Alexis Haulot / European Parliament / MTI

Let's just quote Kaszler.

One of the basic tasks of culture to make people's lives more beautiful, how can we expect this from maintaining common ideas?

Let us first look at the first half of the sentence. We have heard it, not too long ago, it is the open mouth of the dandelion. I suspect that the respondent wants to summarize the task of art, his mission and the same level as the gentle, smiling folklore painters.

His job (he obviously has no job) can show (and more) something about the man. Exactly as the artist knows. And yes, yes, it is not always fun. What is always beautiful is the knife, the lie, the beauty. What is the name of beauty? What makes the life of the so-called person more beautiful? (Only in brackets: is there a sense of well-being? Should it serve? Should this service be subsidized by the government?)

What is beautiful? A bunch of flowers in the living room? It can be someone's own, and that's okay.

Or is it a good performance where the basic questions of coexistence and tolerance are involved? Well, as we see it, the lives of the dams did not get any closer than they were, but they were just close to the bloodthirsty, and they did not hit the front of the house and demanded repayment of subsidies.

Is that performance no art then?

Who says what is beautiful, what is good, why is our life more beautiful?

The aforementioned implementation is for example referred to as support for migrants. And with that, the maker of the label is an enemy.

Who has the right to label? And who should say that you can set a political mandate to keep someone in mind just because you think differently? The hybrid is a crime. It does not matter how sparkling, with honey words. There is no other way to think about the problem. But with the mere fact that he thinks differently by his power, he says, to die. And he destroys it because he is entitled to it. While you talk like a handsome uncle. What we leave, we make it right, we let it go. Of course only if you meet.

And what does this mean? Which:

We leave everyone in word and opportunity, proportionate and balanced, and support the quality. It is not to classify those who are mediocre or those who are much better than the average. Medium-sized works can be affected by the practice of doing this until they believe it is good. The government creates the possibility for culture to flourish. But this does not apply, for example, to areas such as the declaration or dissemination of culture of any kind.

Hm. We have seen that it is easy to attract an artist and an uncensored & # 39; sketch.

Budapest, 2018, July 17.
Miklós K ‡ ser, the Minister of Human Resources, holds the cheese a bit longer. In 2001, the Hungarian chef can continue to work in the head of the Ministry of Human Resources, termŽben 2018. júl. 17-Žn.
MTI Fot-: Bruz ‡ No No.
Miklós Kásler

Photo: Bruzák Noémi / MTI

And an interesting question is mediocrity. It has become a popular concept lately.

Let's look at the case of József Pálinkás. I would be cautious because I would be called a hero by a scientist at the head of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office. It has been counted since it was fired. Since then he has talked about high school. While he was, he thought everything was great, was not it? (Look, we've seen that this system really caught up with everyone, and then it's too late to be a hero.)

That is why it is necessary to start with the smallest.

It is not complete when the identity of her body is shocked and we want to raise healthy future generations physically and mentally.

This is what Kásler says. And brings forth folktales, stories and reindeer. And he quickly adds that the subjects do not want everything.

Slightly sliding.

Nor are the critics in nursery school education, but I am about to announce a kind of family model. What is that identity for God's sake at a time when a large part of the children come from a mixed family, because your father or mother is foreign? Or why would a child feel abandoned if it does not come from an ideal family, but left his mother alone? Or do I do it by two women? Will it be broken? Shoddy? Come on. But the concepts, the words that can be used to start, are ready. And we see new people and new interpretations.

The government would begin its reform in September. Until now, only the warm-up took place.

Featured image: Christian Marquardt / NurPhoto / AFP

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