Kásler: The government is doing everything to live in freedom

According to Mary Schmidt, it is difficult to understand how dictatorships can deceive so many thinking people.

The government is doing its utmost to comply with our historical traditions, our defamatory right and our culture

He announced Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, to commemorate the victims of totalitarian dictatorships in Budapest.

He also said: at all costs, we must guarantee our complete sovereignty, our action and our ability to fight, because we can only guarantee this peace of our compatriots, families and our nation. In this way, anti-human ideologies and the dictatorships that arise in Hungary and Europe are prevented from endangering physical, material and spiritual existence & # 39 ;, the Minister added, according to the MTI report .

Communism and national socialism were called anti-human systems, the basis of which was incomprehensibly evil. Both systems were based on lies: he promised prosperity in the future, while he was millions of lame, he said.

The degradation of faith and morality in the French Revolution led to a dictatorship in political and social terms. The bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty children of the revolution have killed each other

– said Kásler, who said that the 1990 Antall government in the region had done the most to eliminate communism.

He spoke during the event Mary Schmidt who said that communism and Nazism originated from a dagger, from the same complexity of human evil.

One thing is to deny everything that is human, free and democratic

He said. He recalled that in 1989-90, when the dictatorship was overthrown, they hoped that in the free Western world it was recognized that what happened on the territory of Hungary was as serious as the Nazi regime. But this was not the case, we had to wait more than two decades to make a memorial day from 2011 at the head of the totalitarian dictatorships in Europe.

It is difficult to understand how dictatorships have deceived so many thinking people

– said Schmidt Mária, who said that it was a renaissance of communism among the leaders of the European Union. (Photo: MTI / Noék Bruzák)

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