Kürtöskács Pavilion in Nyíregyháza – looking for them at the police

The Criminal Department of the Nyíregyháza police station investigates unknown actors because of a suspicion of theft of a crime. So far, two unidentified boys introduced a pavilion in the town of Nyíregyháza with a horn cake and paid for it on September 12, 2018 between 0:00 and 30:00.

Surveys are available for alleged offenders.

The police are asked to report to those who recognize the unidentified boys on the photo & # 39; s or have their current location data. You can personally contact the Criminal Department of the Nyíregyháza police headquarters or via the 06-42-524-600 or 112 emergency call center. You can also call 24 hours a day with your toll-free number 24-80-555-111 "Telefontanú" green number.

– Headquarters Szabolmá-Szatmár-Bereg County Police –

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