László Kövér explained how the Hungarians could win the 21st century

These nations will prove successful in the 21st century, which will have a strong faith and conscience ", said the President of Parliament on Sunday in Sárvár, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of the city by the

Laszlo Kövér "Military successes with great strife or the economic prosperity of hard work are worth nothing if a people who is safe and secure, in the meantime loses his faith and consciousness, because" people who are in the soul shrinking, sooner or later will begin to populate. "

According to the President of the National Assembly, in our world of globalization, in the era of digitization and robotization, the strongest factor of competitiveness will continue to be human performance, which future will be the result of self-awareness

We Hungarians who have historically lost the twentieth century, we want to win the 21st

said László Köv ér. He added that if we are able to release our faith and our "autonomy" that is lived by our mother tongue & # 39; to preserve and strengthen, we can win the twenty-first century.

To win the twenty-first century, we mean human, in the Carpathian Basin and with our neighbors we go beyond the era of historical controversies. We create a Carpathian basin and Central Europe that is safe for us, which not only contributes to the strengthening of our nations and countries here, but also to their strong Christian values ​​in finding and rebuilding Europe itself. (MTI)

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