Lőrinc Mészáros fucks the entire rural lappia

According to reports in the press, the largest Hungarian newspaper publisher, Mediaworks and Inform Média Kft., In the hands of the Austrian Heinrich Pecina, merged in the autumn. According to information from Zoom.hu, the parties have already started the preparation of the transaction, and a number of Inform executives have also established their headquarters at the media company of Lőrinc Mészáros. To the center of Vienna.

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The move can mainly be seen as a form: at first glance it was clear that Pecina, a former national owner of Mediaworks, the Népszabadság, who had gained popularity in the country, only temporarily took over the three county-based companies.

The Austrian "businessman" bought the prints and online publications of the three district newspapers, Northern Hungary, Eastern Hungary and the Hajdú-Bihari magazine a year ago (
Haon.hu, Boon.hu and Szon.hu)
rent Russmedia.

Since then, the page page has been perfectly tuned to the government gun: the most spectacular sign was the day before the election when the newspapers of a fully independent media company appeared on the same front page as Orbán's interview with the provincial newspapers of Mediaworks.

Last July, Mediaworks acquired the Nograd Radar Center. That means that

two provincial newspapers will not be Mészárosé: South Hungary and the Small Plain. These are posted by Lapcom, which was bought last fall by Andy Vajna, Commissioner of the Government.

A few years ago it would have been a sensible question in the media market whether the multicolored information provided by Mediaworks' national day monopoly, an indispensable (and constitutional) condition for a well-functioning media market, is being neglected, but the Economic Competition Authority and the Media Authority have long been concerned with such issues, unless it concerns non-governmental media. (Zoom.hu)



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