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They even buy newspapers, but they do not. The former Nation readers were in favor of the Népsava.

According to mfor.hu the papers of Lőrinc Mészáros are on an untenable slope. The fact that Lajos Simicska had stopped the Hungarian nation had to favor the Népszava. According to the latest data from the Hungarian Distribution Detection Association, the magazine increased sales volume by 7.4 percent in 3 months, rising from 19.9 to 21 thousand.

The favorite card of Viktor Orbán, the sale of the National Sports stagnated on a quarterly basis, but 9.9 percent of the annual decline was not enough for the countryside of Mészáros Lőrinchez. The smallest loss was suffered by the Békés newspaper, the biggest newspaper was the Mészáros Residency, the newspaper Fejér County. According to MATESZ, the total turnover of the 13 surveyed rural papers declined by about 20 percent.

Lőrinc Mészáros can take another provincial government

In the fall, newer press products can be enjoyed by the installer of the billionaire gas.

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