Many schools are still looking for teachers, but the school year begins

Prolonged 346 pages can be viewed by public vacancies, currently 3451 vacancies are being looked up by government agencies – says the Public Affairs portal of the Ministry of the Interior.

The school year begins

The school year begins

Teachers, archivists, administrators, nursery teachers, supervisors in the public sector are looking for schools, municipalities and other institutions, including the Semmelweis University.

The list shows that they offer jobs in almost every job. Teachers can apply for language teachers, vocal music or geography and biology teachers.

The thousands of 949 teachers – empty messages seem surprising just before the start of the school year. But there is a shortage of labor in other state-funded institutions and state-run companies. As we wrote at the weekend, the Budapest Public Space Maintenance Company, which deals with waste transport in Budapest, does not have selective waste in various districts, with regard to missing employees.

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