Mazsihisz misses a holocaust museum in Budapest

The Jewish Museum in the Dohny Street Synagogue and the Jewish Museum of the Jewish Hit of the World (Mazsihis), in the immediate vicinity of Wesselnyi Street, "Shoah Cellar" has a long time, a time that is a trick for the "relikvik" "roller. The Mazsihis is the best intm.

In 2017, the lure and manipulation of the Holocaust were presented to the Mazsihisz priest Heisler Andrsnaka by the Jewish Museum by Zsuzsa Toronyi.


The chef at that time came to the Israeli Parliament, in Knesset, against the Holocaust-related eyeball case, in which case an Israeli lawyer, Avner Friedman, accuses him, but the victims do not want to go any further.

The mascot of the Holocaust is of the utmost importance, and it is about bringing it to an end.I do not think anyone can go back to the memories of the Holocaust, either because of political or business interests.

The Jewish organization has done its utmost legal rights because the lmzeum should not continue its work.


since you will not be able to divide the time, you will be able to do more, and you will have to begin spontaneously with the cheats.

"It can not be forgotten that the Jewish-Jewish and Jewish lieutenants of the Valdi are misled, based on the Hungarian-Jewish tourist infrastructure, and that they lie on the Hungarian soil, which must be transferred as a result of the failure of Jews and non-Jewish Hungarians "the Mazsihis point in the tree.

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