Missing on the Felcsut railway? It does not matter, so it has a lot of fun

In the past year, the Felcsut railway produced 8.2 million forint losses, twice as much as the first 14 months of its operation, Transparency said Thursday, referring to the data provided by the Felcsúti Refuge Training Foundation. revealed:

In May and June 2018 trainers traveled a total of 10 days without passengers.

Despite the loss-making operation, the government did not intend to expand the 600 million HUF EU-supported number to Bicska. RTL Club news on Friday's governor Gulyás Gergely asked why they justified the expansion, but the minister in charge of the prime minister's office said he hopes that channel advertising will help

and then it is also rewarded in business, which is still a pleasure for many.


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