Mr just 1 kilometer from the torlds on M1 on Hegyeshalom Mosonmagyarvr hrek | Gyr-Moson-Sopron

17.18 – The situation has improved

Due to the increased traffic, the 4 kilometer long congestion, which took place on 2 September, was reduced to 1 kilometer at 4.30 pm at 1 pm on the M1 motorway towards Austria at Hegyeshalom.

back in the days

As a result of increased passenger and freight traffic, congestion has occurred near the point where the border passes on the hill.

Due to the increased traffic, on 26 August at 11 am, a congestion of 4 km took place on the M1 motorway towards Austria at the border crossing at the mountain, for passenger cars and trucks. Drivers can also delay the border crossing in this part of road number 1.

The police of Gyr-Moson-Sopron County calls on car drivers to choose alternative routes, such as Sopron, Kufa or fertile border crossing points, if possible.


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