Mr. Szkst was designed by the murderous killer of VV Fanni when I was caught

On November 27, the Buda Center Board Brsg was expanded by B. Lász. According to the researchers there is a good reason to have False Show player VV Fannit. The frfi would then disappear, and this was known to the police.

VN Novozynski Fanninovember 20 was removed 7 days later in the pre-detention B. Lszl. The former forts were suspected of having killed the Friday

so far he denies the killer.

VV FanniForrs:

The bridges prolonged the frustration until the beginning of November, which was justified by the fact that there was a shadow of shelter.

It would have escaped B. Lzl

It turned out that VV Fanni could use his phone on the Internet on Friday

he asked which country did not go to Hungary.

On the east coast of Kzp America, along the Caribbean Sea, a small Belize country was discovered, looking for free statues for November 30, December 30, 2017 and December 30 for a month.

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