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Yesterday, the civil registry of the Democratic Party resumed various opposition and businessmen in the city where he accused the Hungarian hostage. It was not the meeting that was followed by Mrki-Zay Pter Hadhzy and Rna Pterrel. One can forget that the joy would be with many. All this is interesting because Mkki-Zay says all day long that he does not want to be a politician.

Practically, eighty-four go to the glow of thinking on the part of the balliter, how to overthrow the doll. There was once an A-sign that was marked by B to give it a C-mark. The order can be maintained until Q, but it is time to keep track of this kind of detailed analysis. However, it can be said that the big plans were in the hands of a protagonist. the Great Sheepdogs and the Huh Pter berths, which in 2014 were somewhat annoying for the opposition, but it had disappeared. But here Próbd can be recorded under the leadership of Gergely Karoly or the Olympic Games, a jumper of Momentum. The Opposition Thrillers are the ones who have emerged today: once again the more recent projects of the government come, the more recent Jews will come out of the opposition and the more recent ones will emerge. In Hdmezvsrhely, however, a "real" could take seriously, create a unique reform plan: start a prtot or move for the government to disappear!

Plan plans

"Instead of drinking, there was a rumor about Hungary and Eurasia, and there was no loud voice from the rumor, and no one was disturbed." Krlbell & # 39; s 150 hdmezvsrhelyi have long handled a program of events, "said the blog of Soros Gyrgy,, of the Communist Jsgr tradition, in the middle of yesterday's hdmezvsrhely, an event of the opposition. It is not really difficult to say that there were a few nice words: the group called the European group Ballpiberlis, who was a member of the European Parliament, called the Orbn Gun with the word "Business Reporting on the Integral Euronics". called.

Mrki-Zay Pter, the official of the courtForrs: Origo

Based on the facts learned from the case, Mrki-Zay Pter Mayor in Heves, Hadhzy yak, with the exception of the LMP-protected state of the Jeszenszky Gzasenior stick ministr, Rna Pterballiberlis kzgazdsz s Hegeds Istvnwas a parliamentary speaker. They agreed on how the European Union really is, and that is a very bad place in Hungary. Everything was done in the usual way, with a shout: Mrki-Zay Pter came to Soros & blog to see if a new movement had to be done.

The bourgeois gentleman set up Barti cheese to only join a form that would kill each other against the current authoritarian system, and that would stand in the way of the entire opposition. & # 39;

The plans are at the door

It is a strange fact that this statement is a strange thing to say about the fact that he does not want to take part in state politics, especially the leader. Opposite the opposition, one of them was not surprised by the fact that he had written a letter that was read on stage. The chief told me he had done it because he wanted to become a boss, not a politician. Then he said that he was the first to go to the law, and it was lawful.

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