Mrki-Zay Pter was greeted and he had to leave

The official of the Democratic Party has called Szab Blint a lawyer in a vampire for more than a decade.

Due to the fact that Mr. Mrki-Zay Ptert, civil servant of Hdmezvsrhely in Szeged Trvnyszk in Bnts, the Vsrhely24alapjna

Mrki-Zay Pter called Szab Blint Lawyer, the Liquid Control Ltd., a lawyer who, alongside Szeged and Maksi, was the legal representative of the K & # 39; Art-toll machine from Vysstand.

The law for Vsrhely24 said:

The civil war was overwhelmed by the case of a ruthless revelation.

In 888, the bourgeoisie had not spoken in the interview, but had to do so, and Szab Blint was also involved in his role as playwright, cheese player and legal counsel before the official had to make sure that Szab Blint was more than a bitch.

On this occasion the arrest warrant was announced and Szeged Trvnyszk sent Maki Jrsbrsg to the trgals.

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