Murders in the public sphere: amazing data leak

Minister of Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister, announced a decline of 15-20 per cent in the central administration a few weeks ago. Unofficial news from each ministry deals with much larger staff reductions –

During a meeting in Mihály Varga, the Ministry of Finance, a Deputy State Secretary who oversees the area, spoke about a 43% dismissal according to the portal information. The ministry employees know that "in a few days will be specified in detail" which institution should be cut exactly.

Within the Ministry of Innovation you can hear about 40 and 38 percent. The newsletter of László Palkovics has been leaked by the fact that in some departments employees report on the usefulness of their work after the 40 percent dismissal plan has been announced. Others are more likely in the next job or break their heads with whatever job interview they are trying to find.

To check the truth of the alarm news, the 24th asked all ten portfolios what percentage of the current staff is planning to cut off and how many savings are expected on an annual basis. In the end they all sent the same two sentences:

The aim of the government is to reduce the bureaucracy and to work as much as possible in the central administration, since many people are absolutely needed. So you have fewer officials, but for a higher reward. No decision has yet been taken by the government about the extent of the reduction.

According to news from the ministries, something is being prepared to send a large proportion of the civil servants, raising salaries for the residents and ultimately saving 15-20 percent – but the number of redundancies can double in many places.

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