Népsava Szilárd Németh was "dedicated to Hungarian and Soviet warfare"

As an emperor, Victor Orbán, a man of almost eighty years old man who has been active for over thirty years, manages his small artisanal farm in Szilvásvárad, next to the catwalk, at the entrance to the forest trail.

The photo, produced and published by the lady who came to the village from the village of Mészáros Lőrinc, on her own Facebook page, was divided into thousands of hours within hours.

Uncle Gyula – because the locals call it the creator – was surprised by the enormous interest, he was a bit afraid of it. Her daughter also asked her at home: "Dad, what now?"

He did not want to be famous, so he did not even tell us his full name when we were in Szilvásvárad on Sunday. At the same time, he noted that Viktor Orbán had not been eliminated, and his enthusiasm would remain unchanged even if they were attacked on the internet. He had cut the work for two months, made of hard beech wood, then treated with shellac to stay forever – we learned it. He also dreamed of crowns in color, although for the first time in a sigh of snow he told us that he had taken the royal headgear from Colombia.

"He is a bit" nippy ", and he is not like the Hungarian crown, he is just Byzantine, but I like it," he added.

Together with his friends in Bódés, it was designed to crown the photo with a small ceremony that symbolized the prime minister, but there were many tourists in the Szalajka valley in the summer, which left the act behind. But Uncle Gyula is convinced that Viktor Orbán will ever be crowned by the grateful people, has this been so in the history of history why not again? We looked at the conversation. Above the baseball bat, winged angels and eagles with the inscriptions of "lemon trees", great Hungary formations, the "mother" and "husbandry", we saw Stalin and Hitler's face, also carved from wood.

According to their creator, both men were dominant in their own time, and their mother liked them both, so he cut them out, even though he regarded them both as a disgusting man. "History can not be denied, and this is history," he explained why dictators hang on the wooden bar. Of course he did not even consider Orbán as a dictator, only a handsome leader who knows what he wants and he does.

– Power transforms everyone, nothing can be done, that's good. He was not like that at first, but the power hardened and shuffled a man, and he had to accept it, "he said.

He also says that it is necessary to accept that a leader in power helps his family and friends "Even tell if there is a man who would not put this in place"? Then he thought the prime minister did not tolerate the contradiction, and he imagined he was heavy. And there was John Lazarus – "the kind of good man" – to put him in the background … – he added. But it would be useful if someone warned the prime minister when he made mistakes, because who would dare to do this now. Maybe it would be good for an independent critic like in theaters – he came up with the idea.

Meanwhile, we have noticed that there are other Orbán façade carvings on the other wall, but there is no crown. This is not as good as the other, but it does not deny it either, "said the master, indeed, now he thinks he'll get the head of the prime minister of a big billboard in 3D, with a decent cartoon crown on his head, but it will be fine!

We talked for a while and then we only asked how much the crowned image costs and more expensive than the crownless one. Uncle Gyula said he would not sell a single photo, except Viktor Orbán himself, once he visited the village – if he did not come to the start of the equestrian stadium. Then say a price, because he would not sell it for free, there is a lot of work in mind that he only really knows.

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