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The Genoa highway first curved and then collapsed, "said Roberto Ferrazza, chairman of the Italian Ministry of Disaster Disaster, with the press in his statement on the initial results of the investigation, adding that the structure of the structure would probably lead to a combination of factors.

Ferrazza, Liguria & # 39; s Public Affairs Adviser, leads the commission of inquiry on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, whose members made the first scene on Sunday at the bridge rupture in Genoa.

According to the Sunday report, the current data suggests that the collapse of the Morandi bridge or the seizure of a tension cord could result, or the loosening or moving of one of the concrete foundations of the structure. According to Italian press releases, the security cameras at the bridge have fixed the sealing cables of the bridge.

According to Ferrazza, the bridge first "turned, bowed and fell down". He explained that this was proven by the fact that the reinforced concrete elements of the bridge fell 180 degrees when falling. He said that a bridge cable over the ninth pillar of the bridge could be interrupted, causing the bridge and then the same pillar to sink. However, if the collapse of the concrete foundations of the bridge began, the cable was first interrupted and the pillar could be cut. According to the expert, the possible "tear" could have been caused by the aging of the 51-year-old bridge, the dirt caused by the weather, such as the salt deposits due to the proximity of the sea, and increased car traffic in recent years.

25 million

several motor vehicles have crossed the Morandi Bridge every year – four times the turnover of thirty years ago.

The head of the investigation said that nothing had been said about the danger of the bridge.
According to the reporters in the press it was known that the bridge "crawling and moving & # 39; was, the motorists crossed the bridge whenever they could hardly wait to reach the end.

Francesco Crozzi, Attorney General in Genoa, looking for the causes and responsibilities of the world, called events in the Italian press a huge tragedy. He added: the safety of people can not be trusted by private companies.

Previously, Beppe Grillo, the founder of the Five Star Movement (M5S), demanded the Italian government, which was a resident of Genoa, the renationalisation of the Italian motorways. Danilo Toninelli, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, politician of the M5S, Corriere della Sera, also urged the government on Monday to restore government assets to increase security and increase government revenues. At the same time, the Italian Government has initiated the withdrawal of the concession rights from Italian car companies operating the bridge.

In Italy, the approximately 6,500 km long parts of the network are almost exclusively operated by private companies under the concession of the Roman Ministry of Transport. Internet use is paid almost everywhere and operators spend about half of their revenue on maintenance. The franchise law of Autostrade by l & # 39; Italia, which exploits the collapsed bridge of Genoa, will expire in 2047.

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