Népszava Deadly accident – A bus on Újpalota was a walk

It happened on Friday afternoon, but earlier cars were in collision. Road construction aggravates the situation even further – there is a congestion of a few kilometers to be expected.

Three cars & # 39; s and one truck collided with Galgahoví

Police.hu has collided with three cars and one truck in the vicinity of Galgahévíz at 48 + 900 kilometers from the M3 highway in the Galgahévíz area on Friday 13 and 30 March. No personal injury has occurred as a result of the accident.
According to Útinform, more than 3 kilometers of traffic jams occurred halfway along the road, because the inner lane was closed by the police. Furthermore, it is complicated by the fact that on route 3 there are different restrictions in the area around road 3.

Massage – One man was injured, a car was on fire

There was another accident at three o'clock in the afternoon: on the outskirts of the capital, a bus, two trucks and three cars collided at the edge of Aszód on the outskirts of Aszód, the police said on her website. One man was injured and according to disaster prevention one car was ignited.

The affected part of the road is closed, the traffic is diverted to the bagi junction. The train station here is about 6 kilometers away.

Road construction, congestion

Because of the connection construction, the road was partially closed between the 17th and 20th class. There is a congestion on the border side towards the border.

M2 must also be avoided

In both directions, a lot of road construction makes it difficult to travel on the M2 motorway: an increasing number of bus tickets can be expected from the 39th kilometer road to Budapest. The situation is worst between the 17th and 22nd km.

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