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Christmas is behind the roster behind the former expelled leader of Kun-Mediator Ltd., since the Szeged Judicial Council's ruling on the retention of pre-trial detention has become definitive. The Karcag woman is accused of having caused more than 12 billion damage to her customers.

It is no surprise that pre-trial detention does not stem from the pre-trial detention of the former detained head of state of Kun-Mediator Ltd., who was once held abroad, and referred in the press only to Brácer Marcs as D. Sándor, who HUF 12 billion has caused damage its customers, "said Sunday News, the decision of the Szeged Court of Appeal in mid-July, rejecting the defense and defense of the defendant to reduce the forced action, came to power. (It did not show exactly where they asked for: house arrest, prohibition of abandonment or release).

In principle, it would have been possible to appeal against the decision of July, but the newspaper said that "D. In the case of Sándorov, no case was presented to Mansion." Maintaining the pre-trial detention was Therefore, since a new decision on pre-trial detention has to be made every six months, the new assessment will be published mid-January, which of course does not mean that the ex-boss of the company is exempted from the lawsuit, but that he will examine the possibility of mitigation The court of appeal in Szeged discussed the question half a year ago, at the beginning of this year, and also considered that "the reasons for ordering pre-trial detention (such as the risk of escape or concealment ) remain unchanged. "

This is understandable, since the former head of Kun-Mediator Ltd. went abroad after the scandal erupted in the spring of 2015 and the Hungarian authorities issued an international arrest warrant. In the end, Belize Central America was brought home in December 2016. The persecution in Hungary is against the woman 767 accused of fraudulent commercial fraud and other criminal offenses. The essence of the fraud case was that the Kun-Mediator, who had a travel agency "out", banned the collection of deposits and that customers might believe that their money was deposited in securities and securities, but that was not the case. case.

It is quite possible that the actual damage amounts to more than 12 billion in the indictment, but many have not been injured. Earlier there were rumors of 15 to 20 billion, although these are only estimates. Sándor D. argued during one of the previous discussions that customers had long been satisfied with his execution. But he protested against the fact that "media and politics have a negative influence on public opinion" without having spoken. Sunday News has since been looking for a lawyer several times, but he has always rejected their request.

No deposit has been proposed

Although D. Sándor proposed a mild coercion, he did not propose that he be released for bail, "said the Szeged Judgment Board, but this would have been clear, just because the bulk of $ 12 billion in damages indictment had not been restored, not to know what the fate of these billions was.

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