Népszava Fish and bread are distributed by the church of Gábor Iványi to the refugees

The Hungarian state does not allow people in the transit zone to judge their profession. The unrecognized little church would help with the biblical symbolism

Three invitations were published on the Facebook page of the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood. The officially unrecognized church led by Gábor Iványi wants to ensure a minimum of care for the refugees who are stuck at the southern border of Hungary and deliberately hunger for our fellow-men – five rolls a day, one canteen and one apple a day. They are intended for those who reside in the transit area and because they have not submitted their application for the first time, that is, appeal, they do not receive food according to the strict law. The Hungarian Helsinki Committee estimates that they are about fifty.

The action planned for August 20 has a strong biblical symbolism: in the Gospel of Matthew it is possible to read that Jesus made a miracle of the meal: five loaves and two fish killed five thousand men and women and children.

The first call is for church supporters and supporters to contribute to the cost of the action. The second was addressed to the government and called for "immediate cessation of torture", which is also unacceptable for "prisoners of war and civil-law criminals". The third is an open letter to the leaders of the churches in which they are asked to join them and remind them that because of their status "behind you every decision of the leadership of Hungary you must also stand"
responsibility. "

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