Népszava Reported by LMP for the Microsoft scandal

Public companies could do well with IT procurement. The opposition party turned to the authorities in the corruption case – although they did not expect much from Polyt Péter's office.

As a result of official abuse and misuse, LMP reports to the LMP for purchases of government software, said Gábor Vágó at the Monday press conference.

The returning LMP politician recalled the details of the scandal, which is now under investigation by the US Department of Justice and the FBI.

Microsoft sold its software to large companies with significant discounts, and then brokered them at full cost or even more expensive to institutions, including the tax authorities, "said Vágó against MTI." While the leading ministers in Romania for the same reason, executives who have fired for scandal in Hungary have landed at the prime minister's office, "said the politician.

Although Editor does not expect much from the public prosecutor under the direction of Péter Polt, the limitation period for corruption offenses has been 12 years, so he hopes that an investigation can be started later.

According to the politician, the members of the premier's family can also be involved, because at the time of purchase the IT director of the tax authorities was the brother of the head of the government. He added: one of the resellers, and IMG Solution as a friend of the prime minister's brother.

It smells like that

The Microsoft issue was discovered on the 24th, but our page first wrote that two companies could get money from István Tiborcz, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, from oversupply of software purchases by government agencies. During the period of the Microsoft scandal, the two companies gained millions of extra profits.

István Tiborcz appeared as an owner in HCS Experts in the year of the year and in that year HCS regularly bought a Microsoft reseller – its sales doubled to almost a billion forint and in 2016 István Tiborcz could earn 389 million forints as dividends. What is even more special: while in the previous years the operating result was 10 to 20 percent higher than the turnover, in the record year 2015 almost half of the turnover was operating profit.

As with HCS, Tiborcz owned during the mysterious activity of Symmetria Hungary Ltd. the owner not during the reporting period, but according to Péter Bertha, who was the family of István Tiborcz, mother of his mother, they were treated accordingly. Although the names of Péter Bertha in Symmetria Magyarország Zrt. Not in court, but Bertha can be linked to the company several times.

Controversial purchases have followed the same script everywhere. The controlled government customers bought business software licenses for Microsoft at irrational prices – office licenses about 100,000 forints were sold drastically and sometimes up to 200 percent more expensive by government companies than the purchase price.

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