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It brought edge to the hungry asylum seekers, but they were not admitted to the transit zone. He asked for solidarity with churches and politics, but found largely deaf ears. Gábor Iványi was not the first hopeless action, but he did not give up: light must eventually overcome the darkness – he says in an interview with Sunday's News.

– Last week you called on churches, organizations, institutions and individuals to do something together for the starved asylum seekers on the Hungarian-Serbian border. Did it have anything to do with it?

– Six hundred of us signed our call, and within a few days more than $ 4 million was donated. There are hundreds of thousands of items, but there are also a lot of money worth $ 300.

– Does the call also refer to the churches, and does one of them answer?

– Churches react more slowly, so they have not done this yet. But I have no illusions. Such a joint action rarely gives a positive answer. During the Lebanese war in 2006 we took aid packages for a North Israeli settlement in Slomi. There were many people who worried about the Palestinian children as we did, but we thought that the children of the Israeli city, who had been stripped of the war, were at least as traumatic as the trauma. That is why we called on the other churches in Hungary to "live their love for Israel not only against biblical Israel, but also against the living of today". There was no answer to this circular, so I did not reveal what they should do in this situation. Two years ago we brought food to the border of Rösske when we noticed that people who were waiting for no one do not have a toilet. I even started to yell that this is unacceptable because it is dangerous and unworthy of people. Then there was a congregation meeting where I approached my colleagues, that the sons of my father, I would take a bath, go with me. Nobody came. But we did a bit like we did when they were not allowed to enter the transit zone, but in the end they gave up asylum seekers. We had 12 mobile phones, they were of course not allowed to set up. But in a few days the toilet was on both sides.

"Do you still think that churches have work in this situation?"

"I believe that the servants of God are in the position to do so until the Hungarian state rises to the level of legal and cultural states where it is a duty to care for these people." I recently visited Germany, where a small Lutheran village accommodated two hundred refugees.The whole village helped: old bicycles, cribs were found, those who taught them in German, others gave them food, while they knew exactly that both of the two would be rejected because they did not meet to the requirement of refugee status The pastor of the village said that if they were to leave, they would be tempted, that's all you have to do, no more, as long as we're with them, do as much as we can for them, this is the essence of humanity.

– You say, Hungarians, are we not of solidarity?

Solidarity is always difficult. And the lack of solidarity can be traced back to educational shortages. We are here, Hungarians, who have never spent enough energy to regret ourselves, instead of tearing up the deviations, sins and mistakes of the past hundred years. It can take twenty-five years, but if we start today, it might be twenty-five years later. This mess can not be pushed forward for long. If someone is going to save it, it would not be popular in the beginning. Maybe they would throw a man with a dead duck and eggs, but – as an example of the Prime Minister's favorite sport – if someone says he does not go to the field to play football because they kick him in the shin, then he really goes not out to play football. While a man can score a goal and his team can win.

– It seems that opposition politicians are not even breaking their hands and feet to succumb to these spades. What do you think is the reason for this?

– The opposition is busy with free time today: they try to devour themselves and each other. The reason for this is that until now they can not find the cause of their election defeat. There are, however, some cases where you could tell where you could go. This is for example. The 65 members of the opposition, who could change each other, could go to the border every day and take food until the problem is resolved. Of course there may be government parties, but they are oppressed by other types of obligations. I know because I am reading a newspaper and the internet is watching that the asylum case is not too popular on the part of the opposition. It is a short-term thinking that we have to do something that is popular. The truth is rarely that. I am a pastor and can be said to be involved in both parts of the Bible. Many of the prophets also did not die with natural death. They said it was for them to represent truth and humanity, as if "the bones were in the fire."

– Ferenc Gyurcsány, for example, has assured you of his support. Does it not bother you to go to a platform with a politician, most of the political palette refuses to sit on a table?

"I do not want to stand on a platform with someone who listens to his conscience and acts." Ferenc Gyurcsány is both a victim of a serious crime and of myself. "The Hungarian newspaper recently wrote: I am the Iványi Gábor, who György Soros proposed for a Nobel Prize and led Ferenc Gyurcsány to the prosecution Indeed, I was the one who accompanied me when, in my opinion, he was completely unfairly and unfairly invited to hear how things were going with Sukoró And I was the one that Zsolt Császy has escorted to prison, while I also think he was wrongly and illegally convicted in prison.I have told you several times: if Viktor Orban were to be brought to the Prosecution for false reasons, I would go with him.

"In comparison, we have a government that calls itself a Christian, that looks like it has existed for years or even decades and uses the refugee question as an argument.

"The goal is not to solve the problem, but to keep the conflict as long as possible, while nearly six to seven percent of Africans or Asians who leave their homes come to Europe, they scare millions of people out of the country like we do not close the gates The asylum case was whether we could provide professional and humanitarian aid to Europe, and instead of being proven, there are useful ideas to filter out so many people what Europe should do to reduce populated, instead, the government has convinced incredibly demagogic and fake people to defend themselves against the horde of a criminal country.I watched as people moved to Western Europe in 2015 and at the expense of some of these people to Budapest, I regard this as immoral and unworthy, now we do not feed people to return, and a mother is drawn to a clamp to show: a great crime, terrorism, illegally steps of Europe & # 39; s happy silence. It may be a while that deceptive people are kept in the false spirit that we defend our borders heroically, but the truth will sooner or later come to light. Hungary is not the heart chakra of the world, but it would be very useful to show the world how to deal with this problem with humor, culture and legitimacy. Instead, we come to the name of new Christianity, which is essentially nothing more than just wanting to be Europe if Europe is willing to deal with our unseemly approach.

"What you are saying is not a secret, but people do not want to hear it, let's not forget that this country – again twice as often as this disturbed election system – has re-elected this government.

– People can be influenced. But we agree that it is a primitive, malicious assumption that someone is born a terrorist because he has seen the world arrive at some point on earth. Those who are tempted to hate hate the chance. Those who teach you well will make good choices with good opportunities. This is the responsibility of politicians. A people can be fairly informed and honestly argued that they are different in things. I can not think of stupid, evil politicians with the head. And if you consider this to be hopeless, then I must go the hopeless way.

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Gábor Iványi Methodist Pastor, head of the Hungarian Gospel Brotherhood and the Oltaalom Charity Association. Founded in 1979, the founder of the SZETA (Poor & # 39; s Support Fund). 1990-1994, then from 1998 to 2002 he was a free Democrat member of parliament. His church and association employs more than a thousand people and helps thousands of people. He is married, he has six children.

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