Népszava The heart surgeon refutes Kásler, who ordered Orbán according to our information

According to the cardiology institute, the redundant cardiotherapist did not provide any information about the patient. László Székely told the Nephewala: a letter and several witnesses justify the opposite. The case is known to us, because the prime minister does not just leave it.

Another serious matter has brought to light a crisis in healthcare management: a patient in László Székely's cardiac surgeon died on Thursday morning, who waited in vain to be planted. László Székely, the cardiologist at the National Cardiology Institute, was released by the Minister of Miklós Kásler with immediate effect in mid-September, so he had no possibility to carry out the operation and end his treatment. Later this became one of the direct disturbances between the retired State Secretary, Anikó Nagy and the Minister. Anikó Nagy has reached a compromise agreement that the surgeon would have been able to have his patients operate during the termination of the operation and performed the so-called minimally invasive operation for which the institute can not. However, the minister did not approve this agreement.

Then the patient, a 55-year-old man, broke his boss. But they could even have served it. In mid-July he was examined at the National Cardiology Institute. It turns out that you need special customized implants. Your doctor started the licensing process for the device that was to be implanted, but when they arrived, László Székely was already working on releasing. So the patient's surgical history could not have happened either. The tragedy occurred despite the fact that the head physician gave his successor his name to three patients, including the man who died.

During our time we found out that Prime Minister Miklós Kásler had placed on Friday morning. (We also asked Havasi Bertala, Prime Minister of the Prime Minister, to update our article.)

The policy of death has also been promoted. László Lukács, a better representative, sent a written question to Miklós Kásler, Minister. The chair of the parliamentary committee, Lajos Korózs (MSZP), and Tímea Szabó (Dialogue) jointly opened the minister's hearing at a meeting of the body on Tuesday. The Democratic Coalition (DK) has filed a criminal case – said Imre László, the representative of the party, who had managed to talk to the minister. Miklós Kásler said that the doctor had not stood by, did not pay attention to the patient and even that there was practically insufficient documentation about the patient.

In the meantime, Director General of Cardiology, Péter Andréka, also sent a written statement that there was no programmed surgery at the György Gottsegen National Cardiology Institute. Unfortunately, the patient in question died in the hospital in Salgótarján. According to the report, the patient consulted the institution where he was diagnosed. GOKI has no other information about the past fate of the patient. According to the letter from the Director-General, "the patient is not on the official list of the Institute or on other documents, the former colleague did not vote for the driver for a month and a half, and even after leaving he forgot to give him information. no or no knowledge of the patient. "

László Székely told us that he had written about three of the patients in writing. It is a fact that on 25 September he did not have the name of his colleague Gábor Ender because he did not have access to the documentation of his patient at the time of his immediate removal. They also witnessed the transfer of this letter, our heart surgeon told us.

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