Népszava This 16-year-old girl is looking for the police

People are asked to help with the disappearance of a young girl from Cserkeszőlő.

The police station of Kunszentmárton is looking for Maria Czitán Kitti from Cserkeszto, according to the police. According to the available data, the 16-year-old girl left her from an unknown place on 20 August and did not give her life. The measures that have been taken to date so far have not been successful.

The girl you are looking for is about 160-165 centimeters long, with a thin body. Her hair is brown in color and back to the middle, her eyes brown, her appearance is well taken care of.

When he disappeared, he wore black long jeans, black tees, black 38-seater, stitched shoes with flower patterns.

The police department of Kunszentmárton asks everyone who recognizes or recognizes a place on the photo, can personally report to the police or call the telephone number 06-56-501-600 or at the same time be informed anonymously about the free 06- 80-555-111 Green number "Telephoned" and 112 Central Emergency Telephone Number.

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