Népszava Traces the police in fireworks crushed among spectators

By 21 December he can not leave the property as his home.

A prosecution motion was renewed Tuesday by Mr Richárd's criminal investigation, this time until December 21, 2018 – the Court writes in a statement.

The suspect can not continue leaving the premises as a place of residence
the police are followed by the technical means to follow the movement. the
despite the repeated appeal of the defender, the court did not consider the imposition of the coercive measure invalid,
As the behavior of the suspect is stricter, there is more freedom of movement
it is also not prescribed.

The court sentenced her decision: the suspect remains justified
can be suspected of endangering road traffic on Andrássy Avenue in Budapest in 2015
a cyclist who was later even abused. On 15 May 2017, in Budapest, on the Dózsa György road, the road speed was considerably higher than that allowed by the wrong approaching of another vehicle. During the accident, two people lost their lives and many were seriously injured. It is also suspected that M. Richárd used drugs before 15 May 2017, although this did not affect his ability to drive.

The reason for expanding criminal supervision is that

– suspected to be suspected of being convicted of a previous offense, committed another suspected offense,
– and the criminal record of the suspect, depending on previous traffic violations, according to the court
it can be maintained that it limits the freedom of movement or freedom of movement less
he would have committed another offense if he had rules of conduct.

An appeal has been lodged against the court's decision.

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