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He can not drive, but a teenager can go to the governor's choice, "says Ethan Sonneborn, a 14-year-old boy from Vermont who was not allowed to be younger the next time, but Ethan's departure was not just a matter of course. just kidding.

By using the lack of regulation of the Governors Choice, a 14-year-old American boy filed his application and campaigned for the presidency of the Democratic Party for the Governorship of Vermont. A boy born in Bristol, Vermont, near the Canadian border, did not leave the & # 39; greats & # 39; – form the gigantic billboards along the way, he had an official website, a Twitter and Facebook profile and organized fundraising. It is true that Twitter page only 1690 followers appeared on the day of the pre-election on August 14, and the Ethan Sonneborn for Governor Facebook profile was even less followed by 649, but this is likely to change, although it has not been pre-selected. The story of Ethan began to catch up with the media.

Ethan Sonneborn was able to take advantage of the fact that the eligibility age was not set for the Governor's Choice. The only fixed condition for departure is that the candidate has a permanent residence in Vermont. Ethan was born there and lived, for which it was not an obstacle. He had submitted his intention to leave months earlier, but was only observed when the democratically elected election campaign began in the state, and a teddy tie published in public. In early August he participated in the debate about his many older candidates.

Ethan was not the only unusual candidate in the Democratic Party in Vermont: one of the initiators, the transcendent Christine Hallquist, won the Democratic presidency, so he could be the first transgender governor of the United States if he were his Republican rival, the current Republican, would defeat Governor Phil Scott for an "interim" election in November, during which he will re-elect the US House of Representatives and a third of the Senate and decide on filling government and other municipal offices.

The 14-year Ethan program was certainly not childish, with the democratic preselection of the 2016 presidential campaign reflected the most powerful challenger of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the European left wing. It was based on issues such as the introduction of universal health insurance, the urgency of laws that regulate the prohibition of discrimination against gay communities, taxation of pollution and raising minimum wages.

When Phil Scott was asked in a press conference about what a teenager should consider as an opponent, he replied that he felt it was necessary to remove the loopholes and to become governor, at least he was entitled to a driving license. This is the age of 16 in the United States.

Who can be president?

The conditions for the presidential election are more precisely regulated in the United States. The departure is a condition for the candidate
• to be a native American citizen
• at least 35 years old on the election day
• live for at least 14 years in the United States.

European regulations

There is no uniform regulation in the European Union on the age of active or passive voting rights. Each Member State determines the number of years of voting and the choice of the candidate. The right to vote (the number of years old) and the passive voting right (that is, how many years old can be chosen) is the same in the majority of Member States, is uniform 18 years old, an exception to Austria, where the minimum age for active voters is 16 years old. The minimum age to qualify is higher in some countries – 21 years in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia. For candidates in the elections to the European Parliament, some countries have a higher age limit. Romania is 23, Greece and Italy are 25,

The IT system is also vulnerable

The Russian intervention during the 2016 presidential election campaign has dramatically increased the vulnerability of the US electoral infrastructure. But to what extent has this vulnerability only become apparent during various demonstrative hacks and organized tests. On August 13, the results of the test, during which a child of thirty-six, aged between 6 and 17 years old, broke a copy of the website's Florida election results in a hacking game. An 11-year-old boy, Austin Emmett Brewer, was the fastest; he only needed 10 minutes to access the system, where he could then change the names and election results.
The organizers of the tournament said that the names of the starting candidates were rewritten and 12 billion votes were written for the result of the different candidates. Children came not only to Florida, but also to a copy of five other so-called & # 39; volatile states & # 39; election systems at the three-day Def Con safety conference, which aimed to test the resistance of the electoral infrastructure and to discover its vulnerabilities.

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