Népszava You can search for a million for a city councilor in Budapest

In ten districts of Budapest, consultants or senior advisers who pay HUF 21 million a month also work: there is someone who can pay a gross salary of more than 660,000 forints, but there is also a monthly salary.

In Budapest, 10 of the 23 district governments have (senior) advisers in service. A total of 39 and spent about 21 million per month, which means that their average wage is 541 thousand forints – came from the responses to Zoom.hu's request for public data. The amount of money per district is very different: the lowest monthly allowance is gross of 127 thousand forint – this is also lower than the minimum wage – the highest is more than a million a month, the salary of a state secretary.

In all respects, Óbuda is one of the districts. Here are the top ten consultants, and here the local government pays the most money to them: 6.6 million gross per month. This means an average payout of $ 661,500, which is more than the average of ten districts that consultants employ, but it is not certain that it is a lucrative unique value.

This can not be said with certainty – the portal writes – because the III. district has secretly proved to be a top secret and did not specify the exact salary of officials employed as consultants, but only an average value. Moreover, it was difficult and slow to learn more about the local government. A law stipulates that public data must normally be provided within 15 calendar days, but Óbuda has failed to do so.

They responded on the 15th day, but the number, name, work and distribution of the requested (main) consultants – were only sold to ten. Emergency letters, telephones and more than three weeks after the names and job descriptions are sent, but no payouts. Even after a new correspondence and a joint analysis of legal regulations, they were only willing to use the average salary.

Up to a million on the XII. district

Of the districts with exact numbers, the highest individual consultant payment was paid by the XII. district offers. Here two consultants pay a total gross of 1.75 million gross per month, but one of those responsible for strategic tasks is looking for one million and six thousand forints, while also mobile phones and cafeterias are paid. All in all, this is enough to enter the middle field and it is a proportional cost item of 30 percent.

He also has two counselors in the II. districts, and they receive a total of 451,000 forints, and they also have a cafeteria and clothing allowance for all municipal officials and can call the local government account for a monthly limit of HUF 8,000.

As with Óbuda, there are 10 (main) consultants, but much less because their base salary is only 4.3 million HUF per month.

The XI. the salary of the minimum gross consultant is 300,000, and the highest is 649,000 forints. In addition to the other 200,000 HUF cafeterias per year, all ten mobile phones (Samsung, IPhone, Huawei) and they added monthly (!) 5-10-20-25 thousand telephone costs per thousand. contribute. hair, only in Budapest, include the top three search advisors "executive expenditure", HUF 224-259 thousand per month.

The other two government-run, government-run pro-government governments have proved much more modest than the number of consultants and their salaries. This is demonstrated by the fact that the third phase of the imaginary stage can be avoided by a third of the monthly amount of Óbuda and half of the Newbie expenses.

The third is taken by opposition leader Zugló, because three advisers spend 2.25 million. Compared to the ratio of the population there are no such officials: in the 124,000th districts everyone contributes 18 toint per month to their job – the same value as the third. District 50, XI. district is 28 HUF. Click here for a full article about District Payments.

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