No discount tickets for people with disabilities in the Veszprém zoo

A disabled group of 11 members would like to buy a discount card for the Veszprém zoo on Monday, but they told the counter that they were not entitled to a cheaper ticket if they had an official ID card, but only had a discount as members from one of the organizations.

"There is little disappointment, we did not have 60 thousand forints, and we traveled far away with our young people, most of whom were in motion.

"Wrote the leader of the group, who eventually did not enter the zoo.

According to the description of the National Association of Disabled Organizations, the invalidity allowance is a person who is considered a person with a visual impairment, hearing, mental, locomotor disability or cumulative disability, and permanently or permanently unable to live independently or permanently. need help; requires the permanent and necessary use of the auxiliary device for the location change.

On the website of the zoo, however, they say that the beneficiary disability benefit is issued by a valid disability certificate issued by the national association of disability organizations (IDF) issued by the authority, along with the identity card (identity card, passport, student ID ) who does not have that, but comes with a wheelchair to the zoo. The zoo in the group with the complaint later wrote in e-mail:

"The Veszprém Zoo is one of the few tourist attractions that offers a special discount to members of the National Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Modified People, the National Association of Disabled People, the National Association for the Protection of Intellectual Disabilities and their Assistants, the National Association of Autistic and National Association of Hearing and Hearing.

On our website you can get acquainted with the general terms and conditions of discounts and preferential partner tickets:

  • (Identity card, passport, student ID, etc.) Issued by a national attractive confederation of intellectual disabilities and their assistants, issued by a valid attractive identity card and authority, as well as accompanying a large adult.
  • (Identity card, passport, student card), issued by a national association of disabled associations (IDCs) and visitors who do not have such a certificate but who are wheelchair accessible for the zoo and for a large adult guidance.

Unfortunately, you did not need an ÉFOÉSZ certificate to use the discount card with a discount. In the absence of this, your application for preferential booking has not been submitted to our company before. (Our foundation has always helped the poor so far.) "

They also wrote

"Instead of correcting their negligence on the spot, they would have paid the admission ticket or accepted the offer of our employee that they could pay in arrears, punish our employees and punish their disabled people with their disability by not offering them the Zoo Trip. We are sorry that they are trying to save themselves by distorting the facts, instead of realizing that they have made a mistake in organizing and executing the journey. "

The index added: "At the Veszprém zoo, wheelchair users are eligible for a special discount card without any certification." (via Index)


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