now Bencsik Andrst was forbidden

It was also eliminated by Bencsik Andrst from Facebook, the Hungarian Democratic Party. The ever-growing censorship page of the current tiles has not only failed. The inertia is rough, "said Andrew Bencsik.

On 13 August, Facebook removed the editorial content because one of the entrances did not hold the "pass-by" ghost censors.

Bencsik AndrsForrs: MTI / Rosta Tibor

On the basis of the Democratic information, the lethals at that time were reduced to three days, ie on 17 August.

Andrs Bencsik is about to go to the site today to continue his work, but

again surprised in the previous problem.

It is a bit of a tilt – which according to Facebook took kt days and 23 rn then – he did not get a test, he did not know what the censors would not want, but only looked at him when he later tried to find something new on the site.

The editor wanted to know what the operands of the site were, and the registers could share it, but the program tried to find out, music can not be removed.

That is to say, Facebook banished Bencsik for a few days so that he did not publish anything (as he did not know). The censor is such that no objection can be made.

Origo contacted András Bencsik, who told our newspaper that he was very surprised by the latest fatalities, especially because he did not receive any notifications.

Jsgr does not really know what Facebook can do for him now the page does not follow the rules of the cheese, because it is censorship about the idea of ​​breeding and breeding.He says he does not plan on Facebook because he does not feel like it, and he does not have the right tools.

The side of the site was a trap, he said.

The deceased men of RTL Grouppal censor the right-wing content

Like Origo did, the blog of Soros Gyrgy (a 444) reduced the censorship on Facebook and Facebook in a rather bulky article, which also shows that the same Bertelsmann is the owner of the RTL Group, which is a member of the Hungarian army and a member of the RTL Club.

Forrs: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit, use worldwide, please check for additional restrictions! Bitte Einschrnkungen der Handelsrechte beachten! / Jochen Eckel

The person who makes cheese on the basis of a little cologne is told by the premier spekulns pnzelte balliberlis blog the Hungarian language is responsible for Facebook moderlsrt (rtsd: cenzrzsrt).

The page on this site was also blocked by the criminal law of the Origo kt migrens, and then M1 explained to the Hungarian speaker the video player that because of the migratory situation and the safety of the hunt 40 years after returning home.

It is Lzr Jnos, who heads the ministry of the then Minister of the West, who has migrated from the migrating government and the following.

Origo and Lzr Jnos protested on Facebook and were scared and took the letter from the minister of Bertelsmann-cg. They are so dull (as Bertelsmann's people do not) that they talk about what a preacher says.

It does not work, but that does not always happen the slogan has everyone, not just those who think the same as the censorship of ballemerlis.

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