Olga Kálmán: One of my best decisions was to go to News TV

D. Kriszta Tóth I'll take you was the guest of Olga Kálmán, who was sent by Hír TV in early August, who was then sent to become a new owner of the channel – he watched the broadcast on Spektrum Home at 444.hu.

Olga Kálmán spoke about the weeks before his kick. He said it was a feeling that he had been working on television in June and July, as if he were sitting on the Titanic board. They knew that their fate would come sooner or later, but they tried to serve the viewers.

According to the presenter, however, he was able to work more freely on Hír TV than in the ATV for a year and a half. That is why he later named his transfer as one of his best decisions.

Olga Kálmán said that he had already received many political questions, and largely after his departure. In the future she will not categorically lock her up, in fact she thinks she would do well & # 39 ;, but she still does not want a public role.

But he has not told what he would do after the fall. It can not be excluded that there are even programs such as Straight Talk or straight ahead but now he is trying to open the online channels and build his personal brand on Facebook.

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