Orban: the Sargentini report is not a threat

The head of government said: the Sargentini report, adopted on Wednesday, is not a threat to Hungary. It is in the background that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have met the first ultimatum for Europe. The Chancellor said that the European peripheries outside the Schengen area should leave some of their border guards to Brussels – he recalled.

The plan is that if Hungary can not be forced to admit migrants, the right to border protection must be removed from it. They want to stamp Hungary, they want to weaken the Hungarian resistance, "said the prime minister, rather than the Hungarian border guards and soldiers who have sworn and are important to their country, they want to send mercenaries from Brussels that allow migrants," he said.

Viktor Orbán stressed that the Sargentini report was adopted according to a procedure "which has no sanction at all, so there is no danger". Yet they did it so that they could weaken Hungary, because they could weaken their positions by stigmatizing the country – evaluated. He explained that the next fight is about who defends the borders of Hungary, who decides who enters the country. "They just want to get the keystroke," said the head of the government.

He added that the European Parliament, which adopted the report, should be regarded "with due respect, but simply as an impeccable collection", as new elections will be held in May.

He believes that today's EP has a clear immigration majority, which considers it historic to change the composition of the continent and bring about a population change. These politicians hate people who are opposed to the plan and resist that they are trying to organize, he said, adding that after a majority of immigrant EPs, they are attacking Hungary after May as a symbol of resistance to illegal migration.

Experts from the Hungarian cabinet have answered the Sargentini report for each claim, Viktor Orbán said. Of the 19 statements made in the report, nineteen procedures are now in progress, 13 complaints about previously closed procedures and 37 are factual errors.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the European Parliament had to break its own rules in order to assess Hungary.

According to the law, two-thirds of the votes cast were needed and the remaining votes had to be counted so that the proposal did not receive the required majority – he said.

He indicated that a legal dispute would start in the case, but he sees the case not only as legal. The European Parliament experiences the "last crumbs of moral authority" when it condemns a state in the rule of law to ignore its own rule of law – summed up by Viktor Orbán.

He pointed out that he, besides immigration, still has a serious share in the next elections for the European Union. The statistics from the EU budget show that the EU supports hundreds of millions of millions of "Soros" organizations.

If the next European Parliament and the European Commission have a different composition, they have been shot hundreds of millions of euros.

He added that the European Commission is giving money to organizations that carry out anti-Semitic campaigns in Israel against Israel. "The fact that the contemporary center of modern anti-Semitism is being financed by the anti-Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is in Brussels," he said.

He added that this could not happen, and if it is up to Hungary, they will change this situation in May. He stressed that Hungary's anti-Semitic action is a matter of humanity and honor.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, who supported the report, said he accepted that the opposition was upset because he lost three consecutive votes in parliamentary elections. In such a fight there is sometimes a feeling of emotion, but it is shocking that the opposition can not place her hatred of her domestic political opponents behind the fate of her country – he added. "This is what I think is a communist pace, this is the modern definition of Communists," he added, adding that he who hates his domestic political opponent more than he loves his country is in trouble.

Viktor Orbán also emphasized that the title of the report clearly shows that he is assessing Hungary rather than the Hungarian government.

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