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Money is important, but more secondary: many people behind immigration statistics disappear because politics in workplaces disturbs human relationships and forms the world view of the student with slogans from the government.

Róbert Nagykanizsa was arrested by Austria: he did not have an engineering degree, he was in a good position and his wife had a good job, but they were not satisfied.
"Half of my former university students are already there and three of our best friends have gone out in the past two years," Robert said. "Actually none of them had existential problems, but they did not feel well with us either: they were exhausted by politics, by constant admonition, by the many thefts, by the terrible public sentiment, and I also experience this: it is not possible to talk to a section of staff normally, even if it is absurd to have a cliché on a policy basis in a workplace.

Róbert noted that the late Kádár era lived with the head of a child, so his own memories are not in the state of the day, but according to his parents many of them come back from time.
"Political relationships count again, everything is overwhelmed by my brother-in-law," he said. "I do not want my children to grow up in such a country, and since I will not see any change in the next five or ten years, I'll go where they get normal values." It would not be one of the most important questions in the school. whether they want to learn ethics or beliefs, it means much more to me than what languages ​​I have to choose and whether IT training is normal.

The case of the Nagykanizsa man is anything but unique, according to a study by the Publicus Institute for Sunday News, together with relatives, about one and a half million Hungarians are planning to work abroad. The survey also showed that 73% of the respondents had to deal with emigration in any way: on average, 6.9 close relatives or acquaintances went abroad in recent years and 7.9 of their knowledge continued to work across borders. Among young people, the proportion of those who dream about their future abroad is particularly high, 41 percent – that was only "37" last year – about 580 thousand Hungarians. According to the respondents, the government of Fidesz and Viktor Orbán, the higher foreign payments and the low domestic payments are responsible for the growing emigration.

"I read that there are roughly three hundred thousand of the average income, and that it is more than two hundred thousand," Csaba observed, living in a city on Lake Balaton. – I just do not know where to pay that? We are four of us net of $ 264,000. I have two children, one now starts the eighth grade, the other the fourth and decides to marry my wife next year to go to Germany. My son can go to high school and my daughter can start the higher class in a new place that we have to do at home, because in the current school only the lower one is normal.
Csaba added that in addition to the materialists, it is also important to socialize in the normal environment.

"Her classmate has already made statements in parental meetings that open the knife in someone's pocket," he said, continuing. "And the child says that the subject of the migraine issue is in the classroom semester, that would not be a problem, because it's a real problem, I'm talking about it, but not the frightening children of the teacher, it's a pure government propaganda I still have, even though I voted for the right to my life in the world We can not live on a higher level because we have a higher income, a higher income, but we will In any case, not being a zombie to our children My life, which was already spoken to the Court, was excluded, it could still be normal, and if I can give you the chance to move, then we go They may be hated now because they leave their friends here, but in ten years they will understand and thank the children.

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