Red warning was issued for ambrosia

The National Public Health Institute (OKI) issued a warning on some parts of the Great Plains on Sunday due to extremely high pollen pollen concentrations. Tamas Szigeti, head of the Department of Air Hygiene and Aerobiology at OKI, told MTI on Sunday that pollen distribution ambrosia is currently high across the country, which is equivalent to a second warning.

In some parts of the Great Plain, in Kecskemét and Szeged, however, the pollen concentrations of ambrosia will be extremely high. The specialist said,

Especially during thunderstorms the first thunderstorm can increase the pollen concentration and in those cases sensitive asthmatic symptoms can occur.

According to Tamás Szigeti, the pollen season will increase in the coming days, the peak of the pollen season is expected for the first week of September. Anyone with an allergic reaction to ambrosia should contact a specialist as they can alleviate the symptoms through medication – he added.

Officials throw ambrosia with their engine bays on the outskirts of Orosháza.Source: MTI / Rosta Tibor

The expert suggests that during these weeks it is advisable to & # 39; s early or & # 39; Late at night to ventilate, to dry the washed clothes outside and, if possible, to wash the hair daily and to replace the bedding regularly, because the eyes of pollen can also be affected.

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