Registration of the Hungarian fishing card has started


From 1 September you can apply for a Hungarian fishing pass. The new plastic-based document replaces the current paper fish passage with 1 January next year.

Lajos Szucs, chairman of the National Federation of Hungarian Fishermen (MOHOSZ) presentation of the map Thursday Budapest press conference, said he wants to simplify the government's system of documents, made as part of the fishing card to reduce this red tape package.

Lajos Szucs has been reported that the first half of next year will all Hungarian fishermen the document. ID card format is also suitable for identifying and buying fish tickets, while allowing MOHOSZ to create up-to-date records – he emphasized.

For a cardholder, one of the mobile operators makes his own rate plan, he said. He added that the document also offers accident insurance during the fishing season.

He stressed that the Hungarian fishing card can be requested not only online, but also personally from the fishing organizations.

Lajos Szucs also stated that from 2019 until MOHOSZ works with a public mission as an organization, they will perform a large part of the management of natural waters to fish. He recalled that the number of fishermen registered with "clean tools and clean papers" has increased by more than 120,000 in recent years, which now exceeds 460,000, so today MOHOSZ is the largest civilian organization in the country.

At the end of the President's speech he symbolically handed out the first Hungarian fishing card to Zsolt Erdei's professional world champion boxer, the Hungarian ambassador of the fishery.

István Dérer, vice president of MOHOSZ, said that those who do not have access to the Internet are supported by more than 1,300 sites. From 1 September, MOHOSZ will also start an interactive video that will help with registration and also provide telephone assistance on workdays.

The one-off card with a full registration fee of 5 years amounts to HUF 2,200.

Zsolt Nyitrai, Prime Minister in charge of major social issues, reminded the press conference that the government, together with MOHOSZ, launched an online survey in February this year, which examined the views of stakeholders on various issues, including the introduction of the Hungarian Fisheries Council. . 98 percent of the respondents found the fishing card good.

Zsolt Nyitrai specifically emphasized that MOHOSZ is a strategic partner of the government, as set out in a previous cooperation agreement. The Prime Minister said that after this agreement was concluded before the April elections, he therefore initiated the current Cabinet and the Alliance for Fisheries to close a new one this year.

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