Small Hungarian Circus in Los Angeles

2018 August 19, 00:34

The Los Angeles-based Hungarian higher party replaces the Hungarian spouse and then does it.

Yesterday the Soxic Histrium took place in the balliberlis, which are in such a tight position that they have been running to Los Angeles so far. They are more accurately framed – as they used to do. They compete with each other to ensure that Szles Tams tries to get Hungarian hunters out of the neighborhood to criticize the Hungarian horses. "The conspirator has to do a job, he ignores the slidabout." The validity is of course completely ms.

Let us, on the contrary, what the truth is. The Hungarian Horn in Los Angeles was a politically intimate, but our current topic, some Srvri-lama's, changed this and started the unmistakable triple jump of the Hungarian government.

Szles Tams did not ask anyone to leave anyone, it is clear that this behavior is difficult for the Fconzultus and the Hungarians.

At the level of the word:

It is clear that this kind of politizls that appeared in the Hungarian Hz leadership completely one-sided, excluding the current Hungarian horse, is bothering him. The Hungarian knuckle that made the best of the Krpta basin and the diaspora-Hungarians is at all times considered a member of the nation.

The Hungarian hats were forced to leave the nile for a sneer, but Mikes Perehzy called "slow" – "that they take very seriously in America" ​​- to buy a replacement.

However, there is nothing to do with the snail level, the whole ballib mdia shone happily on this point. No one has claimed that Srvri Lmos says what he wants, even if Srvri Lmos, on the basis of his entries, is not a very intelligent rewrite, and in some cases it should not be said that he is a bunker, but he is not in the sligade. this is also included.

Amirl is here, it is not for the slander, but for the pots. Konkrtan: Should the Fkonzult and the Hungarian Ministry of Klinik cooperate with an organization whose leader is besieging? How should this be done in practice? Htfn Srvri lmos alelnk "magnemberknt" scolds the mafia, on Tuesday and on the couch to let him do it?

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