Sporting meeting of cities of the county from Thursday to Saturday in Nyíregyháza

From Thursday to Saturday, in Nyíregyháza, the 16th meeting of cities with provincial rights takes place.

In the press conference of Sándor Szemán, Nyiregyhaza, the head of the event announced that more than four hundred starters from 22 cities with provincial rights are expected – says MTI.

The Association of County Lawyers has a very special character and from the beginning every event has been hurt. The participating cities form their own team of officials from the mayor's office and the officials from their institutions.

It is tradition that the winner always arranges the rally of the following year and because of the impartiality the host will not launch a team.

Among the competitions are the traditional land and water platforms and the minifoci. In Nyíregyháza – following the decision of the host – in addition to beach volleyball and bowling, the dragon ship will be the final event.

"We are very proud that Nyiregyhaza will be the first city in 16 years of history, where the other 22 settlements will be fully accessible," said Sándor Szemán.


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