Teqball has become the fastest recognized official sport ever

At the Olympic Council of Cairo, in Jakarta and Jakarta, the International Teqball Theater, FITEQ, was founded and the Hungarian novice could be in the 2022 series.

With the help of a good presentation and exciting labels, the FITEQ was a member of the OCA. The largest and most continent of Fld (about 4.5 millisons) is represented by 45 Olympic organizations. Almost nothing other than Borsnyi Gbor, Viktor Huszr and Gattyn Gyrgy, and then developed by Hungarian sports billiards and athletes, are recognized by the famous Olympic association of Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH and the more senior leaders. The members of the council voted unanimously for the Hungarian sport and officially recognized the international community.

The OCA officially recognized the Hungarian teqballForrs: fiteq

At the end of the day, Viktor Huszr, the leader of the teqball, said: "This is a world consciousness! Teqball is officially married, many of us do sports, but are not officially recognized by any of the international Olympic organizations. in a year! We are without doubt a bachelor party and Hungary is also a great sportsman! The door is open so the teqball will be there in the 2022.

The national and international football legends (including Neymar, Messi, Ronaldinho, Figo), patins clubs (including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United) and Tequball, with the help of educational facilities, became one of the most popular football sports. Teqball enthusiasts can join the reigning teams from 40 countries around the world in October at the second Teqball World Championship in Reims, France.

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Teqball is a game based on the ball and is based on sports and sports books, which are both professional and amateur players to develop their games. Teqball can be seen by many world class sports fanatics. The sport and the sports banner form the basis of the novel: Borsnyi Gbor, Viktor Huszr and Gattyn Gyrgy.

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