Thai gastronomy and cultural festival will be in Budapest

The festival will also include a Muay Thai show. Gábor Czinke sports trainer said: This style is becoming increasingly popular in Hungary. He pointed out that at the festival I would not only present the elements of martial arts, training techniques but the entire Muay Thai culture. This culture is closely connected with religion, old traditions, but also with meals.

In this context, he noted that Thai dishes are extremely light foods, so they fit well in the training.

Rich Richard Róbert Kiss tourist journalist said: the gastronomy and culture of the country are also extremely attractive. Apart from this, the Thai view of life, they are not nervous, their attitude is positive, they are extraordinarily sympathetic to Hungarian tourists. There are Hungarians who spend many months there, but there are many Hungarians who have finally moved to Thailand, "he said.

– MTI –

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