The 10 pedophiles of the hilltop have died

On the hill there was Erzsbet Street. They go to bed where the 10-year-old, who reportedly eaten in mg in June, says Bors. The pedophile is the TV2 hrmsora, and this is what the little grandmother wants.

The father of the child said,

he did not want to go to work, which the 58 sisters had with him.

According to the police, the pedophile hired him to buy a movie. You let him go

get the child.

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When the little girl was about to run, the frisky spit in the neck and began to begin.

When he heard what he was doing, his father was sitting in the alley, then he was the policeman.

There were many orders and orders here, we did not really know what was wrong. His father's day was released from prison, lops. Now she is having a good party, she has the music every day, she goes bgats " said a peasant woman to Bors. Arrl also reported that they were bad and that they were the oldest child in the world.

In the meantime, the Dombvri frf was arrestedwith a sex offender against a minor are suspected. The jury of Szekszr placed him in a pre-trial detention. If you have a complaint, you can get 10 years.

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